Team Group BD harbor an exciting, growth-driven, stretch-cultured, truly an equal opportunity work environment. This is “the” place (Team Group) where abilities of an individual take precedence to experience. Therefore, knowing yourself, your core strengths, weaknesses, and how you may turn your weaknesses into outstanding personal strengths are key recruitment elements during our continuous search for an “outstanding” individual. Because, anyone is “outstanding” depending on who’s measuring the individual.

If you are already a successful professional who’s comfortable at his or her current work portfolio or a hard-charging achiever in your University campus, and remain confident of landing a top Multinational job, it is “time” for you to get out of your comfort-zone, ensure that the CV include the selling propositions as mentioned in the first paragraph above, and your mental make-up to accept an exciting, stretch-cultured, growth-driven career.

Depending on the job for which you’re applying, you may need to email your resume